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Welcome to Karmart

Unique Beauty Solution

Who is Karmart?

We are a multinational cosmetics and consumer goods importer, manufacturer, and distributor. Each brand is developed from concept to execution through collaborations between our Thai and Korean product development teams whose solid understanding of global trends and consumer behavior contribute to the brands’ international success.

What kind of products that Karmart provides?

We have more than 2,000 product SKUs under various brands to response all consumers’ need in every beauty section as the company’s slogan “Unique Beauty Solution”

Just Play It!

Revolutionizing the cosmetic industry to fulfill different and unpredictable beauty preferences. A leader of trendsetting innovation for the well-suited modern girls who pursue a chic and edgy look, filled with positivity, playfulness, naughty yet charming personality that motivates all girls to reveal their profound beauty with confidence.

Professional Brow

A professional makeup brand that delivers eyebrows and eyes to perfection. With the co-founder, Nongchat a renowned makeup artist in Thailand his expertise in face shapes and eye makeup innovates this range to respond to the modern ladies who wish to have stunning eyes as though it was drawn by himself.

Gift From Nature

Pure natural powers from Jeju’s Island that comes from an origin of miraculous skin to resemble a gift from nature is the inspiration for a skincare and makeup line that produces an invaluable range to pamper and nourish the skin effectively for a revive glow revealing a supple and youthful appearance. Suitable to all skin types.

Everyday Happiness

Lifestyle and spa series which was founded to inherit Thai local wisdom by combining ancient and modern Thai skincare methodologies with the use of Thai herbs. The use of raw materials from the locals is to support and improve the lives of Thai farmers while combining Thai customs, cultures, and traditions.